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Cooking kale - that's how it's done


Winter time is kale time! In November at the latest, the green leafy vegetables will land on the plates again. But how do you actually prepare kale properly? We tell you!

There is a lot of nutrients in kale

Kale is particularly popular in northern Germany. Especially the people who value the freshness of vegetables benefit from kale. Because leafy greens are one of the few vegetables that have their season in winter.

So if you grow kale in your own garden, you can enjoy fresh vegetables even in winter. It is only important that he gets frost in any case. Because then starch is converted into sugar and this makes the kale really tasty.

And when it is ripe, it can be harvested. Then he comes in the pot.

Fresh kale in the pot

Kale is really delicious and it just bubbles with nutrients, but the leafy vegetables have one disadvantage.

If you put kale in the pot, it will collapse a lot. What initially looks like a massive portion ends after the cooking process as a small pile of misery.

So if you want to cook kale for several people, then you should cook a good portion. It is said roughly that two people need about one kilogram of fresh produce.

Cooking kale - Instructions

Before kale can get into the pot, it must be properly prepared.

➥ Step 1:

First you need to remove the cabbage from the stalk. It works best if you just pluck it.

➥ Step 2:

Then the individual leaves come into the sink. Here it has to be washed thoroughly once.

3 Step 3:

Next, it is blanched in portions. This means that you put small portions in boiling salted water for about two minutes. Then scare off briefly and drain.

4 Step 4:

Now you can cut the vegetables into small pieces. It is best to use a sharp, large knife.

5 Step 5:

Now it's time to put the cabbage in the pot. Put some clarified butter and chopped onions in the pot beforehand, then boil the kale and then with the vegetable stock. The aroma is just wonderful. So that nothing burns under the mass, pour a sip of broth every now and then. The leafy greens need about 1.5 hours to be edible.

Have fun cooking!