Setting up a vintage garden - creative ideas for the "old" look


Lace, frills, delicate shades and old-fashioned frills - vintage is more popular than ever. Did you know that the garden can also be decorated in a vintage style? Here are our ideas.

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Vintage here and vintage there - it's the trend at all. Clothing, everyday objects or furniture with a retro look have never been so popular. But what is “vintage” anyway? Since almost everyone is talking about it by now, you hardly dare to ask.

The term vintage (German for "old-fashioned") hides objects, clothes and accessories from an older date. But this does not only mean the finds from Grandma's attic, but also things that are specially made for this trend and that simply look old.

In the meantime, we can no longer only observe this playful style increasingly in clothing and home accessories, but are also discovering more and more accessories and furnishings for gardens and terraces.

But how do you give your garden that typical vintage flair? Where do you start? Which accessories are suitable for outdoor use? And where do I get the "old" items from?

Questions over questions, to which we would now like to give you the answer. Let yourself be inspired a little.

One thing in advance: The vintage style allows different decoration options. We just want to give you an incentive here. Then you can of course let your creativity run free.

Garden furniture with a vintage flair

© animaflora - Fotolia.com Even if you can achieve a lot here and there with small decorative accessories, the terrace is and remains the center of attention in a garden. And that's exactly where you should start and spread the vintage flair. And what is the number one eye-catcher on a terrace? The seating, of course. Of course, old pieces of furniture from grandmother's times have a special charm. They have character and tell stories. Unfortunately, not many people have access to various old garden furniture these days. If you are lucky on the internet and still find a provider, you often have to expect horrendous prices for the furniture. After all, demand determines the price.

Of course, you don't have to do without. For example, I found special seating made from recycled fishboat wood on gartenmoebel.de. Here only the wood from old fishing boats is used. If that's not vintage enough, I don't know. The hard-wearing and durable garden furniture is handmade and each product is unique due to the different color composition. In no time you have created an eye-catcher in vintage style on the terrace.

»By the way: Garden furniture in vintage look can also be conjured up from Euro pallets. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this yourself. And if you still want to perfect the seating group with a coat of shabby chic look, you can find instructions at selbstmachen.de. This creates step-by-step individual garden furniture that makes even the neighbors jealous.

Garden accessories as icing on the cake

Of course, nothing works without accessories. If we're honest, they make up about 80 percent of the overall impression.

If you want to set up your garden in a vintage style, you will find plenty of inspiration on the Internet. I would like to introduce you to the classic accessories:

Decorations made of zinc:

Who does not know her? Tubs, buckets, jugs, containers and jugs made of zinc. You can see them in every vintage garden and they really look great with fresh flowers and plants. How about, for example?

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The zinc objects are really rustic when they have already started to rust.

Exceptional plantings:

Old items are the be-all and end-all of the vintage look. Often, however, these things lack that certain something. My tip: just plant these objects. Like here e.g.

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Setting accents with lighting:

Of course, light should not be missing in a vintage garden. Candles and lamps don't always have to be on the table? How do you find e.g. these ideas?

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Vintage garden lighting lanterns

New from old

Some things just can't be bought. Ideas are often stuck in the head, but there is nothing to be found anywhere in the trade. Now you don't have to shelve the idea. Many accessories and items can still be refurbished. Here are three options:

New color - new look

Vintage doesn't always have to be wood-colored. Light pastel shades such as pink and mint are particularly popular with women, but gray, purple and a subtle blue are also ideal for a vintage look. There is a large selection of colors for painting on wood, terracotta and even zinc in every specialty store. The experts recommend pretreatment for woods and zinc!

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Decorate with foil

Another option is to decorate your furniture, individual items or accessories with decorative foils. Of the ones mentioned here, this is even the simplest variant, since the corresponding objects simply have to be stuck on.

Here I have e.g. found a large selection at creatisto.com. The following are available:

  • various floral prints
  • old VW bullys
  • Newspaper look foils
  • Retro pattern
  • and much much more

Let wood age artificially

Wood is of course classic for the vintage look. But if you want to build something yourself, for example, you often don't have old wood ready for it. But that's not a bad thing, because wood can be artificially aged with three simple ingredients.

This video shows exactly how this works: